Onesmus / German / JBR / 4th Aug 17

The trip went well and couldn’t have asked for better service and conversation along the way.  The entire process was quick and painless, but glad to have someone who knew the way and process.

Dr Kashif / Canadian / Sharjah / 17 July 17

I have utilised your services on the 16th of July and found them very satisfactory and upto the mark. The driver was outstanding,

Kind Regards

Dr Kashif

Moraig / New Zealand / Palm Jumeirah / 28 June 17

Thanks for a great visa run yesterday. My best so far in 10 years of living here. See you in 38 days.

Lamia / German / Business Bay / 27 June 17

Thank you very much for the tour.Everything
was easy going and professional.Big thank you to the driver who has been very nice!
I will recommend you!

Zoe / British / Tecom / 7th May 17

Dear Go Tours, 
I went to Oman yesterday and would just like to say how great your driver was. He was friendly, organized and made the whole process smooth, easy and hassle free. I would definitely use your services again and recommend it to others. 
Warm Regards

Claude / Canadian / Dubai Marina / April 17

Dear Sir or Madam:

Just a quick message to let you know that I much appreciate your employee driver.

I used your services few times and I noticed that he is very nice to clients, an efficient driver and he is clearly appreciated by the border employees, which can make a big difference in certain cases.

He is surely an asset to your company.

Best regards,


Ali / Canada / Discovery Gardens / 25 March 17


I'm dropping a line to express my appreciation of your wonderful service and empathy,  which was quite clear in the number of times you accommodated my schedule changes. I also wanted to take a moment to mention our driver/ tour person. I'm sure I can say this on behalf of all the passengers who took the visa run this morning from Marina Mall to Ras Al Kamiah and back. We found your driver to be a true professional on all levels.
Employees are a direct reflection of an organisation's culture. I applaud you for your values and reliable service.
Look forward to the next run in May!

Samantha / British / Al Barsha / Dec 2016



I wanted to provide some feedback on booking with you and the service I received.


This was the first time that I had to do a visa run, I found your colleague, the driver extremely professional, friendly and organised. He also ensured that the group took a break. Finally his driving was very safe.


Thank you for the emails with all the information and please pass on thanks and appreciation to the driver - he is a great representative of your organisation.


I would definitely use your services again and recommend you to family and friends.


Kind regards,


Roger / English / Tecom / 30th Nov 2016

Dear Go Tours,
I have just returned from my visa run to Oman this morning. May I congratulate you on the first class service provided from start to finish!
Our driver was exceptional, informative, helpful and a very safe and competent! ( please pass on my thanks, I was the front seat passenger).The process was simple and I enjoyed the trip, keep up the good work....

Peter Davis / English / Dubai Marina / September 2016

I'd been hearing many conflicting stories about what the visa rules were. Thanks to your detailed and accurate description on your website, I ignored what I had been told elsewhere, Im glad I did, because I renewed my tourist visa with no problems and Go Tours did a fantastic job from start to finish. See you next month.

Susan Baron / English / JVT / Aug 2016

Used these gys a few months ago. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended

Pete / Canadian / JBR / 9th May 16

Dear Go tours...
Thanks for amazing service - Professional Driver and comfortable trip.
The driver was amazing and helpful at Border control.
Will recommend to all others
My first trip after 10 years here made easy by go tours.....! Professional fun & comfortable all the way - Cant go wrong !
will be booking again as I have to do in and out once my new visa is released...thanks so much met some good people also on the journey ! was start to end enjoyable and quick !

Kind Regards

Noreen / British / JVC / 1st May 2016

Good Morning,
I went to Oman yesterday on the 9:00am run and as this was my first time, I really didn't know what to expect. 
Needless to say I was very impressed with the service and more especially the driver whose driving was very safe and in fact, was one of the most diligent drivers I have seen on the roads here. I cannot rate the service enough!
Many thanks,

Chris / Irish / Abu Dhabi / 16 April 2016

Many thanks, impressive service as always.

Guy / British / Dubai Marina / 31st March 16

My wife and I did our first visa run a couple of weeks ago. Our driver was efficient, helpful and upbeat, and removed any potential stress out of the experience.  I was impressed by the finer details. All we had to do was enjoy the scenery and the friendly atmosphere of the group. 

Mary / English / Emirates Towers / 15th March 16

I wanted to write to you my feedback from a visa run that I did on Sunday, 13th March.  The driver did an excellent job.  He was very upbeat, positive, and always had a smile on his face.  It was truly the best visa run that I have been on.  Everything went smoothly and the driver did an excellent job answering questions that we had.  He was on time, took the time to explain everything we needed to do and assisted us if we needed assistance.
Truly a great driver and I wanted to let you know. 
Thank you!

Celeste & Peter / Canadian / Tecom / 7th March 16

We've been using Go Tours Dubai for a number of years for the following reasons: Good user friendly web page allows hassle free bookings with an online booking discount; booking availability is seen at a glance a week or more in advance; punctual and early departure in a well maintained, fully insured, people carrier vehicle, driven by a professional driver makes for a comfortable journey. We have had a few drivers over the years and all maintain safe driving skills. An absolute worry free service to renew a tourist visa and GO Tours Dubai cannot be recommended highly enough. All emailed enquiries have been answered within a 24 hour period (but mostly sooner). Thank you Go Tours and your wonderful team for all your endeavours.


Johnie / Irish / JLT / 14th March 16

Very professional. Will use this company again.

Margaret / British / JBR / 13th March 16

I used Go Tours for the first time last week and cannot recommend them highly enough. Weather wise, the trip couldn't have been worse (Thunderstorm & Flooding,) but the driver kept us all at ease and we trusted him completely to get us there and back safely. Despite border system being down we got processed through efficiently and stress free, would absolutely use them again without hesitation!

Sheila / Australian / Sharjah / 31st January 2016



Thank you so much

Hamza / Karama / 24th January 2015

Fast, convenient and stress-free! I highly recommend it!!! Super friendly and helpful 

Natalie / Irish / 30th November 15

Hi GoTours,

I have traveled with you before, and I just want to say thank you for a fantastic and easy trip. Your service is absolutely great!

Lorena Shatara / Al Barsha / 9 Nov 15

Thank you! I sent my mom with you yesterday she said it was very good experience, the service was professional and efficient and the driver was polite, organized and very well informed always looking out for his passengers safety and comfort.

Stuart and Anne / British / Dubai Marina / 3 Nov 15

I did the Oman visa run yesterday with Go Tours and I'd like to commend your company for an excellent service.
From the exact time the driver picked us up at Dubai Marina to the time we were returned, everything went so smoothly. The driver was excellent, very helpful and explained to us what was happening and what we had to do.
I will recommend to everyone at the company I work to do the visa run with Go Tours.

Louise / Abu Dhabi / 7 Sep 2015

Driver was really nice. Everything went smoothly.  Would definitely book again if i need to do a Visa Run in the future. 

Barbara / British / Tecom / 3 Sep 15

I did this run last month, my husband usually takes me, so was dreading going on my own, It was very good ... good driver, quick and efficient, would certainly use again.

Kelly / British / Dubai Marina / 6 May 15

Hello Go Tours

I've lived in Dubai for over 7 years and never needed to do a visa run before...my first time was with you last week. It was fantastic! I sat at the back and read almost an entire book, so relaxing and easy! Your driver was super lovely and very efficient.
Anyway, I was dreading the visa run and had no clue what to expect, you made it so easy. Thank you!

Stephanie / American / 7th April 15

Excellent service! From booking till the end!

Sumita / Canadian / Umm Suqeim / 1st March 2015

"Go Tours, GoTours ... They are the  one, when you need a Visa Run!"
 I definitely would recommend the driver, he was professional and helpful. He made my first time experience - stress level disappear before I knew it! :)

Derek and Pamela / Abu Dhabi / January 2015

Excellent service. Value for money. Effortless process.

Sarah / English / Al Barsha / 29th Oct 14

Had to do a trip with Go Tours just over a week ago while I am between jobs and it was a very smooth pleasurable experience! No problems whatsoever and the driver shepherded us around and made sure we knew exactly what to do.  Great service.

Charlie / English / JLT / 28th Oct 14

I just had my first ever trip with Go Tours yesterday and I was very pleased with the service they provided. The driver made it very painless and everything ran smoothly. I now advise everyone I meet to go via Go Tours as I can't imagine it getting any easier/better than this. Thanks again.

Vicki / English / 23 Oct 2014

Thankyou very much for your professional help yesterday. Our Driver was very helpful and explained everything clearly. One lady in particular needed help and the driver was very attentive and helpful. 10/10.

Maria / New Zealander / Dubai Marina 5th Oct 14

Very happy with the professional and helpful service on my visa run to Hatta.


Thank you. Maria

Hélory / French / Al Barsha / 30 Sep 14

Hi I used your service a few weeks ago and were very pleased about the journey efficiency, so thank you for your help

Cris / American / DIFC / 7 Aug 14

Good afternoon, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for excellent service. I have been on your visa run tours now, I believe, 5 times. Every time I go, I feel as though I am going on a family road trip. Your driver has always been kind, informative, patient and above all else, confident. His customer service is excellent! Cant wait to book again.

Mike / English / Dubai Marina / 26 Jul 14

I am just back from this mornings trip. I wanted to let you know that your service is excellent. The driver was helpful, reassuringly on the ball and overall it was superb experience from the website booking experience, follow up and through to the trip itself. I shall be highly recommending.

David / British / Emirates Towers / July '14

Always recommended!

Martin / British / Palm Jumeirah / 12 May 14

Having just arrived on an extended holiday and possibly needing to use the service with Go Tours which has been used frequently in the past and highly recommended by my family. I was unsure if I would need to use the service on this occasion due to my particular issue. The professional attitude and courtesy of your company stands you out from other less professional organisations! Thank you and will use you in the future and recommend you to others.

Robert / Dubai / 22 April 14

Thank you - I very much appreciate this. The entire Go Tours staff always provides great service, and I really appreciate the effort. Thanks again and I look forward to booking in the near future. Best regards, Robert

Jacob / Dubai / 13 March 14

Thank you so much for a good Visa Run. Everything went very well and the driver was very nice and helpful. This was my first Visa Run and was a bit nervous, but I didn’t have to be. If I have to do another Visa Run I will definitely use your service again.

Daul / Canadian / Al Barsha / 9 March 14

Many thanks for convenient and easy way to go to Oman. I just travelled a couple of days ago and found your tour to be very comfortable and pleasant. Well done and keep up the excellent work! :)

Patrick / Irish / Dubai / 2 February 14

The driver arrived on time and was a good and experienced guide through the various steps. Many thanks to him and GoTours for a quick, smooth and pleasant trip to Oman and back. I found the whole service very convenient and have already recommended it to others and would have no hesitation in using the service again.

Josephine / English / Dubai / January 2014

Your service is really great. I have been spreading the word, and already one of my friends has used it and was very impressed!

Audrey / American / City of Angels / January 2014

The tour was perfect. Very efficient. It is a brilliant idea.

Joe Frank / Origin Unknown / Jumeirah / October 2013

Jus got back from Oman, want to say thanks for a great service, driver was tip top, very helpful, was all pretty painless to be honest, so thank you... X

Kostas / Greek / Dubai / 14 October 2013

I just wanted to congratulate your team for your service and for being a huge burden lifter. The trip as well as all the necessary bureaucracy were swift and without any problems and the driver was a pro and very helpful. I am already suggesting you to any others I know, not only to the English-speaking community but also to the Mediterranean one! (the spanish, greek and italian). Thank you again, Kostas

Danielle Valentini / Italy / 9 Sep 2013

Thank you for being so fast with the refund, I have never ever experienced such an outstanding customer service.

Jonathan Thissen / Online: Facebook / 11 August 2013

Cheers for the Visa run! Great service, knowledgeable guide. Would definitely recommend (and have done on expatforum.com)

Sanne Reuls / Online: Facebook / 17 July 2013

Awesome! You're for a long time the nicest guys I have met. Super professional, very friendly & cool people! xxx

Steven / British / Dubai Marina / 8th May 2012

"I was delighted with the professionalism and reliability of Go Tours. The organisation was first class and Go Tours acted as a guiding hand from start to finish which took the stress out of going on the Visa run. This was particularly welcome as because of the unreliability I had experienced elsewhere I had incurred a significant fine and I was therefore concerned about the problems I may have encountered as a result when completing the paperwork and dealing with the officials. Furthermore, the price was very reasonable and in my opinion good value. I had looked at hiring a car and doing the run myself but not only would that have been significantly more expensive but I was also concerned, given the fine, that I would have been playing Russian Roulette with the paperwork. I would have had no real idea what forms needed to be completed and how and rather than writing this from the comfort of my apartment I may have been in Oman working out what to do next! Finally although I can find better things to do on a Saturday what should have been a chore turned out to be an enjoyable day complete with music, banter and good company. I would have no hesitation in recommending Go Tours to friends and anyone else if you need to do a Visa Run either as an individual or as a group."

Geraldine / Irish / Dubai Marina / 11th May 2012

"EXCELLENT way to get a new visa - will definitely spread the word. Until next time......"

Jessica / Dubai Marina / 22nd May 2012

"Being new to Dubai I was anxious about doing the visa run and didn't know what to expect. Go Tours Dubai took all of the stress out of it, I was guided through every step of the process and went through it with other people in the same situation as me. It was also a really enjoyable day out, driving through the red desert, the rocky terrain of Oman and seeing wild camels and goats. Along the way all of the passengers chatted about their lives and experiences and it was a great opportunity to exchange information and seek advice. I would strongly recommend anyone who needs to renew their visa to do so with Go Tours Dubai, they simplify what could be a complicated process, it's great value for money, you have a fun day out and get the chance to meet new people!"

Izzy / Bur Dubai / 8th June 2012

"Highly recommended"

Gary / Dubai Marina / 9th June 2012

"Today a group of us set off on the Visa Run. We had a mixture of people and we had a good chat, a few laughs and we did it all with the help of Go Tours Dubai driving. Do yourself a favour and get in touch, its simple, saves you money, saves you hassle and who knows you might make some new friends. "

Danny / Jamaican / Business Bay / 12th June 2012

"Thank you for a very impressive service. You made a very difficult process look easy and comfortable, your ground rules for the journey were clear and information on the website is in plain speaking English. You and your company’s hospitality was brilliant, Also thank you for checking that the form was completed correctly. I will have no problem recommending you to my colleagues and friends.Keep up the good work and edification from myself about your service and introductions will be continuous."

Glenn / Scottish / Dubai Marina / 6th July 2012

"If you have to do the visa run to Oman and are either a little confused with the whole procedure or you just do not want to travel for hours alone in the car or taxi i would highly recommend utilizing Go Tours excellent service, I found the wh

Giuseppe / Italian / Dubai Marina / 7th July 2012

"Go Tours made the whole procedure simple and easy. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to do a Visa Run. I also agree that travelling in a group definitely speeds the whole process. Well done Go Tours. Thank you for an excellent day."

Susanne / German / Dubai / 14th August 2012

"Awesome action of yours, seriously - relief to many many many people here. Look forward having a great trip with you! :) "

Daniel / Dubai Marina / 15th August 2012

"I didnt really have a clue about how to do a Visa run and what the steps were. Booked a trip with Go Tours and it all became very easy. I had some good conversations and banter with other people in the same boat and the trip seemed to fly by w

Roy / Greek / International City / 13th October 2012

"Dear Go tours, we had a very smooth trip today for the visa change of my kids it was easy in -n- out .. You guys have a great and a very helpful service i would not hesitate a moment to recommend ur service for sure ! Wish you best of luck &

Neil / Business Bay / 25th November 2012

"Thank you – a good and efficient service. I would also like to commend the driver – who was friendly and helpful. Will certainly use again if necessary and recommend you to friends."

Darren / Dubai Marina / 1st December 2012

"Thank you Go Tours for a smooth and easy journey. From the moment we were collected to the moment we got dropped off it was so easy and without any hassle (even though we had rain through the night and flooded roads) I will make sure I tell a

Andrew & Helen / Dubai / 7th December 2012

"We did the visa run to Oman with you and found it very well organised and the information given on the way very helpful."

Go Tours
Onesmus / German / JBR / 4th Aug 17

The trip went well and couldn’t have asked for better service and conversation along the way.  The entire process was quick and painless, but glad to have someone who knew the way and process.

Dr Kashif / Canadian / Sharjah / 17 July 17

I have utilised your services on the 16th of July and found them very satisfactory and upto the mark. The driver was outstanding,

Kind Regards

Dr Kashif

Moraig / New Zealand / Palm Jumeirah / 28 June 17
Thanks for a great visa run yesterday. My best so far in 10 years of living here. See you in 38 days.
Lamia / German / Business Bay / 27 June 17

Thank you very much for the tour.Everything
was easy going and professional.Big thank you to the driver who has been very nice!
I will recommend you!

Zoe / British / Tecom / 7th May 17
Dear Go Tours, 
I went to Oman yesterday and would just like to say how great your driver was. He was friendly, organized and made the whole process smooth, easy and hassle free. I would definitely use your services again and recommend it to others. 
Warm Regards
News & Events
Visa Rules: An example for clarity / Thu 07 2017

If your previous entry was June 22nd then your visa expires on July 22nd. Therefore you should arrange your visa-run exit on July 22nd or within the 9-day grace period after July 22nd.

If your previous entry was June 22nd then your visa expires on July 22nd. If you plan your visa-run exit for July 20th (or even July 21st), i.e. before your visa expires, then Immigration at the borders will not issue a new visa. Instead they will ask you to come back when your visa expires. Anyone switching from resident to tourist or tourist to resident can arrange their visa-run any time within the 30-day period.