Ignore all rumours: "My friends mum said....",  "Someone at my work told me...", "Ive just been on the phone to Dubai XYZ..."

The FACTS: Expats do not need to stay out of the country and re-enter after midnight

Expats do not need to stay out of the country for 24 hours. Expats do not need to wait until day 40 to exit. Take a trip with us and return same-day. Its simple, reliable and affordable.

Expats get 30 day multiple entry visas, not 40 day multiple entry visas. - Fact
Beyond the 30 days there is a 9 day grace period during which time visit visas can be renewed.

Visas are MULTIPLE entry now. Visas should be renewed between day 31 and day 39 only. Re-entering on day 30 or less will NOT generate a new visa.

Expats have upto 39 days (30+9) in the country, but if they exit and re-enter before the expiry of 30 days, their new entry stamp does not mean that they have a new visa, they will just be on the remaining period of 39 days. 
If however expats re-enter the UAE after the expiry of the original 30 days, they will automatically receive a NEW 30 day visa with a 9 day grace period. 
Travelling on day 40 or more will incur an overstay fine. This is 340AED for day 40 and 100AED for every day thereafter. 

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Go Tours
Claudia / South African / November 2017

Very helpful and informative service. Quick response to queries and very knowledgeable. Did the Visa run about 2 weeks ago and was really grateful for this service as it can be quite daunting. They also assisted me at Immigration when it seemed I was having issues so it all worked out well. The trip is made comfortable with a clean van and AC, as well as a pit-stop. They are currently assisting with my son's Visa Run and responding to my queries quickly and efficiently. Great job! Thank you!

Grant / British / Palm Jumeirah / October 17

I travelled to Oman for a "visa run" with my 2 children 6yrs and 9 yrs. The van/car was clean, good AC, friendly and helpful driver. He stopped for a few minutes after an hour for a toilet stop and a drink, then onwards to Oman. The driver directed us in the right direction and stayed with us at the Dubai side of immigration and collected us upon our walk over the road and back from Oman. Overall, a good professional and safe company, well done!

Angela / British / Motor City / October 17

Every trip I've done with Go Tours has been seemless and hassle free and that's why I recommend you

Onesmus / German / JBR / 4th Aug 17

The trip went well and couldn’t have asked for better service and conversation along the way.  The entire process was quick and painless, but glad to have someone who knew the way and process.

Dr Kashif / Canadian / Sharjah / 17 July 17

I have utilised your services on the 16th of July and found them very satisfactory and upto the mark. The driver was outstanding,

Kind Regards

Dr Kashif

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New Visa Run rules coming soon / Thu 02 2018

We have heard that there may be new rules affecting visa runs coming soon. We do not know the specific details yet, but will update the website as soon as the changes come into effect. 

Check the news page here for any updates before making any booking.