Ignore all rumours: "My friends mum said....",  "Someone at my work told me...", "Ive just been on the phone to Dubai XYZ..."

The FACTS: Expats do not need to stay out of the country and re-enter after midnight

Expats do not need to stay out of the country for 24 hours. Expats do not need to wait until day 40 to exit. Take a trip with us and return same-day. Its simple, reliable and affordable.

Expats get 30 day multiple entry visas, not 40 day multiple entry visas. - Fact
Beyond the 30 days there is a 9 day grace period during which time visit visas can be renewed.

Visas are MULTIPLE entry now. Visas should be renewed between day 31 and day 39 only. Re-entering on day 30 or less will NOT generate a new visa.

Expats have upto 39 days (30+9) in the country, but if they exit and re-enter before the expiry of 30 days, their new entry stamp does not mean that they have a new visa, they will just be on the remaining period of 39 days. 
If however expats re-enter the UAE after the expiry of the original 30 days, they will automatically receive a NEW 30 day visa with a 9 day grace period. 
Travelling on day 40 or more will incur an overstay fine. This is 340AED for day 40 and 100AED for every day thereafter. 

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Dr Kashif / Canadian / Sharjah / 17 July 17

I have utilised your services on the 16th of July and found them very satisfactory and upto the mark. The driver was outstanding,

Kind Regards

Dr Kashif

Moraig / New Zealand / Palm Jumeirah / 28 June 17
Thanks for a great visa run yesterday. My best so far in 10 years of living here. See you in 38 days.
Lamia / German / Business Bay / 27 June 17

Thank you very much for the tour.Everything
was easy going and professional.Big thank you to the driver who has been very nice!
I will recommend you!

Zoe / British / Tecom / 7th May 17
Dear Go Tours, 
I went to Oman yesterday and would just like to say how great your driver was. He was friendly, organized and made the whole process smooth, easy and hassle free. I would definitely use your services again and recommend it to others. 
Warm Regards
Claude / Canadian / Dubai Marina / April 17

Dear Sir or Madam:

Just a quick message to let you know that I much appreciate your employee driver.

I used your services few times and I noticed that he is very nice to clients, an efficient driver and he is clearly appreciated by the border employees, which can make a big difference in certain cases.

He is surely an asset to your company.

Best regards,


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Visa Rules: An example for clarity / Thu 07 2017

If your previous entry was June 22nd then your visa expires on July 22nd. Therefore you should arrange your visa-run exit on July 22nd or within the 9-day grace period after July 22nd.

If your previous entry was June 22nd then your visa expires on July 22nd. If you plan your visa-run exit for July 20th (or even July 21st), i.e. before your visa expires, then Immigration at the borders will not issue a new visa. Instead they will ask you to come back when your visa expires. Anyone switching from resident to tourist or tourist to resident can arrange their visa-run any time within the 30-day period.