Ignore all rumours: "My friends mum said....",  "Someone at my work told me...", "Ive just been on the phone to Dubai XYZ..."

The FACTS: Expats do not need to stay out of the country and re-enter after midnight

Expats do not need to stay out of the country for 24 hours. Expats do not need to wait until day 40 to exit. Take a trip with us and return same-day. Its simple, reliable and affordable.

Expats get 30 day multiple entry visas, not 40 day multiple entry visas. - Fact
Beyond the 30 days there is a 9 day grace period during which time visit visas can be renewed.

Visas are MULTIPLE entry now. Visas should be renewed between day 31 and day 39 only. Re-entering on day 30 or less will NOT generate a new visa.

Expats have upto 39 days (30+9) in the country, but if they exit and re-enter before the expiry of 30 days, their new entry stamp does not mean that they have a new visa, they will just be on the remaining period of 39 days. 
If however expats re-enter the UAE after the expiry of the original 30 days, they will automatically receive a NEW 30 day visa with a 9 day grace period. 
Travelling on day 40 or more will incur an overstay fine. This is 340AED for day 40 and 100AED for every day thereafter. 

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Go Tours
Zoe / British / Tecom / 7th May 17
Dear Go Tours, 
I went to Oman yesterday and would just like to say how great your driver was. He was friendly, organized and made the whole process smooth, easy and hassle free. I would definitely use your services again and recommend it to others. 
Warm Regards
Claude / Canadian / Dubai Marina / April 17

Dear Sir or Madam:

Just a quick message to let you know that I much appreciate your employee driver.

I used your services few times and I noticed that he is very nice to clients, an efficient driver and he is clearly appreciated by the border employees, which can make a big difference in certain cases.

He is surely an asset to your company.

Best regards,


Ali / Canada / Discovery Gardens / 25 March 17


I'm dropping a line to express my appreciation of your wonderful service and empathy,  which was quite clear in the number of times you accommodated my schedule changes. I also wanted to take a moment to mention our driver/ tour person. I'm sure I can say this on behalf of all the passengers who took the visa run this morning from Marina Mall to Ras Al Kamiah and back. We found your driver to be a true professional on all levels.
Employees are a direct reflection of an organisation's culture. I applaud you for your values and reliable service.
Look forward to the next run in May!
Samantha / British / Al Barsha / Dec 2016



I wanted to provide some feedback on booking with you and the service I received.


This was the first time that I had to do a visa run, I found your colleague, the driver extremely professional, friendly and organised. He also ensured that the group took a break. Finally his driving was very safe.


Thank you for the emails with all the information and please pass on thanks and appreciation to the driver - he is a great representative of your organisation.


I would definitely use your services again and recommend you to family and friends.


Kind regards,


Roger / English / Tecom / 30th Nov 2016
Dear Go Tours,
I have just returned from my visa run to Oman this morning. May I congratulate you on the first class service provided from start to finish!
Our driver was exceptional, informative, helpful and a very safe and competent! ( please pass on my thanks, I was the front seat passenger).The process was simple and I enjoyed the trip, keep up the good work....
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No new visa rules since April 2017 / Thu 06 2017

A magazine recently published an article concerning new visa rules, but dont worry, the magainze copied an out of date article that had featured in Gulf News way back in July 2008. The artice is no longer valid, so dont get confused. Visa Runs are still happening as usual. We will be the first to let you know if there are any changes to the rules.